Crafturday was started by Vanessa Oberto making, literally and figuratively, everything under the sun. She would spend hours on the lawn during her college days at UCSB creating. Back then the creation was always done on Saturdays, which was affectionately dubbed “Crafturdays” by her boyfriend (now husband), Tony. Many of the elements from the original pieces of jewelry remain the same, such as wire-wrapped crystals and a bohemian aesthetic, while some have changed. Regardless, Vanessa will always channel these carefree days of playing with materials and exchanging ideas with passerbys into each and every collection she designs.

With a current focus on ethereal, nature-inspired elements, each piece of jewelry is designed and hand-assembled in her studio in Los Angeles, CA. Here she aims to delight you with statement pieces that are also suitable for everyday wear. Crafturday pendants are sourced from around the world, with the predominant suppliers being based in the US and Turkey ♡ Thank you for supporting one person’s small business + dream. I hope you enjoy ♡