Here to put you in a beautiful state ♡

Crafturday was started by Vanessa Aristide during her college days. Her favorite days were ones spent outside, on the lawn at UCSB, creating in the sun. Hours of endless creativity, which usually fell on Saturdays, were affectionately dubbed “Crafturdays” by her boyfriend. It was these days– mixing mediums, exchanging ideas with friends and passersby, and coming up with unique and original expressions– that were Vanessa’s favorite. When it came time to name her line of bohemian jewelry, there was no doubt in her mind the name it would bear. 

Years later, all things vintage-inspired and nostalgic have become her focus. Making what’s old, new again, has become her obsession and so her upcycled line took shape. Building on what’s already been created is not only more environmentally-friendly, but more special in her opinion.

All the while, her aim has always been to put you in a beautiful state. To make you feel relaxed and reassured by the beautiful treasures that surround you. To connect with you and be a little part of this journey around the sun together ♡ Enjoy these vintage inspired enchantments, each one handcrafted with love in her studio in SF Bay.