I've Already Said Goodbye Choker/Perfect Pair Earrings- GOLD BUNDLE

I've Already Said Goodbye Choker/Perfect Pair Earrings- GOLD BUNDLE

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The 'I've Already Said Goodbye' Choker in Gold (originally $34) 

♡ If your neck measures smaller than 11" or larger than 15", please write sizing in the 'special instructions for seller' section at checkout :)

A beautiful butterfly choker, representative of the different guises of life. Different versions of yourself, who you would like to be. As you are pulled and gravitate towards certain directions, you loose many former identities. This choker represents transformation: the learnings, the progress, the phases ♡


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♡ Two adjustable layers of gold plated curb chain that is meant to be wrapped around twice (please choose size from above)

♡ Gold plated butterfly in front 

♡ Comes with 2.5 inch extender


Gold plated jewelry (and all jewelry that isn't pure gold) naturally oxidizes over time. Body oils/perfume speed up the tarnishing process, as does water. Please take off your Crafturday jewelry while showering or swimming. 


The 'Perfect Pair' Earrings in Gold  (originally $28) 

Beautiful gold butterfly earrings to ignite the goddess within. These winged earrings feature an intricate butterfly pendant with a wire wrapped quartz crystal hanging from the bottom. Eye-catching gold butterfly dangles that will catch the light and your hair just right. Delight in these gypsy treasures; you will sparkle and shine in them ♡


♡ Free domestic shipping on all orders over $50

♡ Butterfly base measures 1 inch in length

♡ A quartz crystal measuring 1.5 inches hangs from each butterfly

♡ Butterflies are gold plated