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Enjoy free domestic shipping on orders over $50!
All orders are shipped through USPS and will ship within 1-5 business days.
If you are based in the United States, please allow 7 days for the order to arrive after it has shipped. International shipping will take between 1-2 weeks to arrive after the order has shipped.
Tracking is provided on all order receipts ♡ 

Return Policy

I want you to love your unique, handcrafted adornment. Please contact me within 14 days of purchase and ship back within 30 for exchange or to receive store credit - hello@crafturday.com.

* No refunds given
* Buyer must bear return shipping cost

Additional Information

Gold plated jewelry (and all jewelry that isn't pure gold) naturally oxidizes over time. Body oils/perfume speed up the tarnishing process, as does water. Please take off your Crafturday jewelry while showering or swimming. 

To clean: simply rub baking soda and some lemon juice together on your thumb and index finger and lightly brush the jewelry. It will form a type of paste that will get rid of any dirt buildup on the jewelry. Finish cleaning the jewelry by giving it a thorough rinse.

For upcycled vintage pieces-- spot clean only! If you wash these delicate pieces by hand or machine, you run the risk of destroying the piece. Studs will come off, leather applique will be ruined.