Words are so Powerful and so I share them

Jacket by the best: Wild and Free Jewelry

I’ve been starting each and every day with journaling– thoughts, goals, appreciations, affirmations…that sort of thing. I thought why not share some of it on this medium? I’ve been having a ball with photos edits as of late, and in true Vanessa fashion, I have too many interests to keep track of. Designing, photo editing, graphic design, and now writing. Naturally. Blogger?? VLOGGER??!!!! What will come next. Here’s to hoping it all intersects somewhere down the road…

Sometimes I have trouble explaining what it is I do, because I’m drawn to so many different areas. Rather I’m drawn to so many different experiences. I want to feel what it’s like to be a traveller, an artist, a freelancer, a corporate clone (just kidding…kind of). It’s the interesting life and it sure as hell isn’t the assured one. Sometimes I envy those that are solid in one area. But then again I’d always be thinking ‘what if’ and I’m already so bored.

On this path to defining who I am and what it is I like, letting myself be pulled into these deep dark corners, I thought I’d share with you along the way. Thanks for stopping by, dear viewer. Come back anytime you’d like.



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