Meaningful Adventures in Sedona 4

Meaningful Adventures in Sedona Meaningful Adventures in Sedona Meaningful Adventures in Sedona Meaningful Adventures in Sedona Meaningful Adventures in Sedona Meaningful Adventures in Sedona Meaningful Adventures in Sedona

The Bianca Top: Realisation Par

Hendrix Nights Velvet Flares: Flare Street


Something that I want to get better at is saying ‘yes’ to things that fill me up and ‘no’ to things that leave me indifferent (or worse, feeling exhausted and negative). I am the type of person that sees the good in everyone and in all situations, but am realizing time is a precious resource that you must guard. Every experience has an opportunity cost– what you are currently saying yes to, you are saying no to something else.

Coming back from my recent trip with Corina of Wild and Free Jewelry, ‘filled up’ would be an understatement. I’m on a complete high. I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone with as much passion and energy as me. Trips like this are fuel for the soul– energizing, encouraging, exciting. 

Corina is inspiring not only by what she says, but in the way she operates. She set out to achieve something, and is now taking action to get there. It sounds simplistic, but it’s a virtue being a doer as well as a dreamer. This type of meet-up changed my mindset and uplifted my spirit forever. I must never forget to make meaningful connections the priority, and wish you the same. There’s simply no time to be worn down by uninspiring people with uninspiring goals.


Lots of love,


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4 thoughts on “Meaningful Adventures in Sedona

  • Corina

    Awww I love this so much! That trip was so much fun and I’m excited to do another in the future❤️. I arrived home feeling extra motivated and excited to work because everything about it was so inspiring! You’re a beam of light and I’m so happy we got to finally connect in person.

    • Vanessa A Post author

      aww feeling the same way about you girl!! And can’t wait for another as well! Dogs as cows and kittens galore! Hopefully we get an air bnb that locks this time…maybe stop at a church for a cup of coffee?!

      You are a beam of light in my eyes as well <3 Love ya

  • Drift Stoddart

    Your sparkling soul shines so brightly and honestly…I dig your positive vibesss✨🌈❤ you’re amazing! This trip sounds super amazing and has inspired me to get over there myself soon x

    • Vanessa A Post author

      Aww Drift. You are way too sweet as always. I’m a forever optimist lol. I dig YOUR positive vibes. Always an inspiration. So much love to you magical lady.

      P.S. Message me when you go and I’ll give you some recommendations!