It seems to me that growing up…

It seems to me that growing up...Crafturday Blog It seems to me that growing up...Crafturday Blog

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Growing up is so counter-intuitive to what I would have thought.

On one hand, it’s realizing you have to accept everyone for how they are. No more trying to morph people into your ways, or wishing they would change. As seeing people one-on-one becomes increasingly difficult with everyones commitments, you must cherish the time you do have together. These dinner dates, coffee catch-ups, phone conversations…they really are so precious. There’s nothing left to do but appreciate, nothing left to do but love.

On the other hand, as far as personal impact and goals, I think it’s about being extremely selective and focused. It’s counter-intuitive because the first bit is so easy-going. But the second bit is about holding yourself to the highest standard. It’s about accepting personal responsibility both when things go right and things go wrong. This is how you sculpt yourself and train your best asset (you). This is how you make progress and become a person of merit.

I know I know, what a drag— letting everyone off the hook, except yourself.


Lots of love,


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