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Granny Square Chic, Crafturday Blog

I’m not sure if it’s because crochet and knitting are on the brain due to Monday’s post on yarn bombing (see it here), or if it’s the boho babe inside of me that craves handmade, but I’ve been seeing many pictures of fashionistas wearing this granny trend as of late.

Granny Square Chic, Crafturday Blog

Starting with Cate Blanchett in 2009, she wore this off the shoulder dress completely comprised of granny knit squares to Austrailian Fashion Week. It was during this time that she fittingly acquired the nickname Cate ‘Blanket’. H8ers gonna h8.

Granny Square Chic, Crafturday Blog

But we all know the real reason that this trend so wildly took off. It’s because MK & A set it. During summer of 2010, Ashley donned a granny knit scarf on the red carpet. Although I’m left wondering both how she wore this during the summer and if her g-ma knitted it for her, I will admire her fashion-forwardness always and forever.

Granny Square Chic, Crafturday Blog

Then in Fall of 2011, House of Holland took up the trend in a big way. A sea of granny knits flooded the runways, as these knitted squares were incorporated into most of their ensembles.

While these looks are extremely high fashion and daring, there has to be an easier way. I find that if you are wearing something as far out at chunky granny knits, why not go big? I chose the looks below because the cut and colors are flattering and fun.

Granny Square Chic, Crafturday Blog

Granny Square Chic, Crafturday Blog What do you think about this trend? Would you wear it? Let me know, below!


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4 thoughts on “Granny Square Chic

  • Rachel

    If you’re going to post pictures of granny square clothing, I recommend doing some research first and learning that they are CROCHETED! not knit, as you describe in every single blurb throughout the article. You include crochet in the tags at the top but leave them out down below, whereas knitting is in the tags as well as being used, when there isn’t a single stitch of knitting to be seen in the photos. You’re really doing a disservice to crochet as a craft as well as the skilled people who put in so much time and effort to create these one of a kind outfits.

  • fausta verzegnassi

    ciao i m an italian lady. the last mini dress is fantasctic. where could i find patterns or tutorials to make it. i m an absolute beginners but i was told that what i need to know are the basic stitches.
    am i a dreamer? the blog is great

    • Vanessa A Post author

      Ciao! Thank you for reading. I agree. I was just spotting trends, I haven’t sewn any of the dresses pictured. I’m sorry about that 🙁

      Glad you like the blog!