Olaf Hajek's Magic, Crafturday Blog

Olaf Hajek’s Magic

German-born Olaf Hajek is an extremely sought-after illustrator who once thought he’d be a graphic designer. Like many artists, he began to refine his style during university. It was there that he realized that he couldn’t be behind a computer his whole life, and thus began to explore the world of illustration. His new style […]

Chloe Norgaard Models for Monki Spring

Chloe Norgaard is putting the “smile back in fashion”, according to Caroline Carlryd, Head of Design at Monki. The Swedish brand recently launched its first major campaign for spring featuring the energetic and vivacious Chloe. They couldn’t have chosen a better model to sport the print-intensive and tomboyish collection, as this seems to be the […]

Chloe Norgaard Models for Monki Spring, Crafturday Blog

Coachella Style Snaps: Weekend Two, Crafturday Blog

Coachella Style Snaps: Weekend Two 2

For the second weekend of Coachella, a strict dress code of bohemian and flowy outfits was once again adhered by. Celebs and festival-goers alike could be seen in loads of fringe, bright prints, and bird feathers. Yes, you heard right, bird feathers. Kylie Jenner donned a shirt with real feather embellishments, and I’m in love. […]

Pop Art and Graffiti Phenom, Mr. Brainwash

Thierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash, is an oddity of sorts. He’s an eccentric French flimmaker turned street artist. Being haunted by the death of his mother at a young age, Thierry began to incessantly film everything. He built up thousands of hours of eventless footage, which he stored in large plastic tubs. His fascination with […]

Pop Art and Graffiti Phenom, Mr. Brainwash, Crafturday Blog

Summer Vibes with Lazy Oaf, Crafturday Blog

Summer Vibes with Lazy Oaf

Yay for more bold colors, graphic prints, and patched denim jackets! L. Oaf recently dropped their Summer 2014 lookbook, and I’m more than pleased. Their jumper covered with squiggles, eyeball print, cylinders and cubes just reaks of the 80s. Their signature “weird” and “ugly” tops add the playful fun that Lazy Oaf is all about. […]

The Palm Leaf Trend (as seen at Coachella)

Coincidence that palm leaf print took over Palm Springs this year? I think not. It’s very L.A., very summer, very COACHELLA. Looking through the style snaps from Weekend 1, it became evident that this tropical print is in full force. And I’m not talking about an outdated, tacky tropical print that you’d see on you dad’s […]

The Palm Leaf Trend (as seen at Coachella), Crafturday Blog

Q&A with Rachel of I Make. You Wear It., Crafturday Blog

Q&A with Rachel of I Make. You Wear It.

As a craft-a-holic, I’d love to be embellishing wares all day errday. But craft goddess and design maven Rachel Burke takes it a step further. She started her journey, which you can view in full at www.imakeyouwearit.com, sewing a dress a day for an entire year. Her creations were later sold online at auction to raise […]

Coachella Style Snaps: Weekend One

Although I wasn’t at Coachella, I feel as if I were. The Coachella fashion scene was a flood of fringe (obvi), floral crowns, crochet and kimonos, all of which I expected. But then again, there were some delightfully unexpected twists as well! I was really diggin’ the printed two pieces sets I was seeing– aka […]

Coachella Style Snaps: Weekend One, Crafturday Blog

All That Glitters: Theresa Himmer, Crafturday Blog

All That Glitters: Theresa Himmer

Theresa Himmer is a Danish artist and architect, who lived in Iceland but currently resides in New York. She is inspired by the culture and environment around her, and is specifically interested in how landscapes respond to changes in wind and light. Her sequin graffiti illustrations are all about the interplay between nature and urban […]