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Amethyst Decor

So I know I’ve been blabbing on about jewelz and crystals and all that jazz for quite some days, but I can’t shake it. I’ve been seeing so many amazing crystal variations (from crowns to home decor) that I can’t wait to show you my findings. There’s an alluring quality about amethyst crystals—such a beautiful purple hue […]

Quartz Crystal Crown Lovin’ 3

Quartz crystal crown, quartz crystal crown, quartz crystal crown– now say that five times fast! My most recent obsession has been with this new and very unusual type crown. When you think of a crystal crowns, opulence and royalty comes to mind. But the quartz crowns that I’ve been seeing online as of late are […]

Quartz Crystal Crown Lovin', Crafturday Blog

APOCALYPTIC r.o.m.a.n.c.e. by Child of Wild, Crafturday Blog

APOCALYPTIC r.o.m.a.n.c.e. by Child of Wild 1

Child of Wild makes jewelry for the culturally conscious. I’ve always been drawn to their statement pieces as they contain so much meaning and historical significance. It came as no surprise that I fell head over heels for their newest lookbook, “APOCALYPTIC r.o.m.a.n.c.e”. Shot in the crevices of a canyon, natural beauty is a theme […]

Met Gala 2014 Recap

The big bad Met Gala recap– I had to do it! Although the theme was essentially Old Hollywood glamour (Charles James: Beyond Fashion to be specific), stars dressed even more over-the-top than expected. It’s like they were all trying to out-crazy each other with their ginormous gowns and obscenely large hairdos. Anyways, I managed to scrape together […]

Met Gala 2014 Recap, Crafturday Blog

Crafturday + Wild and Free Giveaway, Crafturday Blog

Crafturday + Wild and Free Giveaway 53

I’ve long been a fan of Wild & Free Jewelry. I first came across Corina’s Etsy store in the fall and felt that everything from the products, to the photography, to the nature-inspired blog posts was perfection. I promptly reached out to her for an interview, and thought that this would be as good as […]

Chunky Stacking Rings

Way back when, it was all about the teensy tiny rings. The point of these silver, gold and jeweled thinner stacking rings was to create variation on your hand. Alternating metals and placing them at different points on your fingers was encouraged. But the newest trend in the fashion world is chunkier rings, in sets of […]

Chunky Stacking Rings, Crafturday Blog

Tim Lahan, the Man, Crafturday Blog

Tim Lahan, the Man

Tim Lahan is an illustrator living in New York. His playful and uplifting illustrations are done primarily by pencil or pen, then later touched up on Illustrator. My favorite part about his work may be it’s simplistic, even childlike nature. He uses more basic shapes, and the subject matter is often commonplace. He was quoted […]

Emma Mulholland’s Risque Business 2

Aussie label Emma Mulholland has released yet another spunky collection that promises a crazy good time. Known for her quirky patterns, off-beat designs, and blindingly bright colors, Emma released her “Risque Business” collection during Australian fashion week. Using cheery pastels and a heavy 80s influence (helloooooo Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club) she creates a colorful […]

Emma Mulholland's Risque Business, Crafturday Blog